View Full Version : Irish Rail build query

June 26th, 2012, 06:04 PM
I am fairly well on regarding my present build of Northern Ireland Railways which I hope to have completed late summer. However, I intend to continue the build beyond Newry over the Border into Southern Ireland and reach Dublin (Connolly) if I can and not suffer a burnout! It would be handy to know if anyone can give me just rough ideas of speed limits over the Border on the Enterprise route. To Dundalk thenfrom Dundalk to Drogheda and then on south. In addition, as I intend to add the DART Branch off that in the northern outskirts of Dublin (Howth Line) the speed there would be handy to know. No rush but it would be interesting to find out when I get to speed signs. Doesn't have to be too precise and any rough idea would be welcomed.