View Full Version : ProtoLars test route

April 30th, 2012, 01:19 AM
I have put up a ProtoLars test route to see if they will work in multiplayer session.
They do with the few players i've tried it with.
Try it see if everything works for you.
I'll leave it running for as long as i can.
I need to test other ProtoLars INDs to see how they work.
The one i used is one i made & up loaded it in TS12.
please give me your feed back.
The log cars must be deliver to log unload to supply lumber to the lumber IND
the lumber need to go to the lumber unload to supply the general good IND.
Park one car center of light pole then uncouple while that is unloading pick up the blue boxcars
deliver them to lumber load & so on.
Use the map will show you where everything at.