View Full Version : Keeping the "Region" drop-down open

April 26th, 2012, 02:18 PM
Am I the only one this happens to? In CM for 2010 I've been trying to locate a few new routes in various regions. Using the "+" feature, I've set up the following query:

Category: Routes
Location: Download Station
Region: (impossible to get to)

The region drop-down will NOT stay open so you can use the scroll bar to locate what country you need. Yes, it is possible to use a single-letter on the keyboard, but if the country you're hunting for is NOT the first one in that group then your unlucky. Holding the mouse button down on the arrow will give you the entire list (or as much of it that will fit vertically), but the instant you let go of the mouse button to actually click on a country or use the scroll bar, the stupid window collapses and you can't select anything.

This is really abnormal behavior for a drop-down list and I am just wondering if it is just happening to me.