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March 23rd, 2012, 08:24 AM
Ok, so I'm still new at this when it comes to dealing with changing the Trainz build of an engine. Is there a tutorial on how to do that?

Example: Change build version 2.9 to 2.5

March 23rd, 2012, 08:29 AM
Hi haddock56,

You will need to open the asset for edit in Content Manager, then edit the config.txt file. The easiest way of doing this is to right-click the asset in Content Manager, select Edit, then Edit in Explorer. This will bring up a folder window - double-click the config.txt file. Once you have changed the trainz-build value, close and save the file, then right-click the asset again in Content Manager, select Edit, then click Commit.

Be aware that some assets are trainz-build 2.9 or later for a reason. Some use scripts that are not supported in earlier versions.


March 23rd, 2012, 10:05 AM
The config files have to be totally re-written (edited back below Trainzbuild 2.6) which sometimes can be very complicated, or darn near impossible ... I wish that editing an 09,10,12 loco and running it through the TRS2006 CMP, and savng, that it would successfully rewrite and backdate a later version asset ... but it seems that it can't do that.

March 23rd, 2012, 12:04 PM
Don't forget to backdate all dependencies belonging to the asset as well. And you'll need to delete the assets.tdx and the bku file from the main Auran folder so that it can rebuild/update them. Otherwise Trainz will just keep seeing the original 2.9 versions even though you change it.

March 23rd, 2012, 12:11 PM
I have even backdated the config files Trainzbuilds of all the dependencies, as well as Trainzbuilds the asset in question ... and (BUMMER) still some assets will not backdate and work in TRS2006.

Perhaps some assets are not backdateable to TRS2006, or I just don't know what I'm doing.

March 23rd, 2012, 12:15 PM
I have even backdated the config files Trainzbuilds of all the dependencies, as well as Trainzbuilds the asset in question ... and (BUMMER) still some assets will not backdate and work in TRS2006.

Perhaps some assets are not backdateable to TRS2006, or I just don't know what I'm doing.

Did you delete the 2 files that I mentioned?

March 23rd, 2012, 08:00 PM
Due to its size, this is part 1 of a 3 part post. The 2d & 3d parts follow.

Converting 2009-10 Assets to 2006

Here is a 2019-10 to 2006 conversion process posted on the Discussion forum and modified by me that works. This works quite well for locos, railcars, scenery assets (vehicles. Houses, etc.) but splines are another issue. See the section below titled “Splines” for conversion of these assets. This works well for assets obtained from sites other than the Trainz DLS. See my suggestions for files downloaded via FTP from the DLS below under “Content obtained via FTP from the Trainz DLS”.

Download the 2009-10 CDP and install it into the 2006 CMP. Check every asset that is installed (Open for Edit) looking for a Trainz-Build number higher than 2.6. These will have to be modified/changed to a build number of 2.6 or lower for TRS-2006.

After you change the Trainz-Build numbers, commit them. If you then launch 2006 (Surveyor or Railyard), you will likely find that the name is there but the thumbnail and asset won’t show up. This is because the 06 data base still thinks the configs have a 2009-10 Trainz-Build number.

So once you have the build numbers changed on all the files and have committed them, left click and highlight all the files. With them all highlighted, right click and select save to CDP.

You will be asked to give the CDP a name. Don’t give it the same name as the original CDP. You can give it any name you like. 2006 will package all the files highlighted into one CDP and save it to a location of your choice on your PC.

The next step is to delete all the files you currently have just committed then import the new CDP and make sure all the extracted files have been committed. Now launch 06 and the loco should now be displayed in Railyard and Surveyor. Using this process, I have not found it necessary to delete the assets.tdx and assets.bku files and have them rebuilt themselves as some others have suggested.

Additional notes for Jointed Rail Assets:

The Config file may contain a Script line as well as another line (container) referring to the script.


script "JR_Traincar"
class "JRTraincar"
script-include-table {
traincar_fx_library <kuid2:45324:555200:1>

Delete these in addition to changing the Trainz-Build number to 2.6 or 2.5. If the Script line is present and uses a non-JR script asset then you might try it before deleting the script line(s). I’ve found that some non-JR scripts work OK. You will know if you have a scripting problem when you place a loco in Surveyor and you get an error message pop up.

This conversion process and removal of JR script lines will mess up the auto numbering (ARN) of your railcars and locos. But, you can still assign them a manual number when you place the car/loco in surveyor.

If you get a JR loco that uses the JR cab interior asset kuid2:45324:90101:1 it will not work in 2006. Substitute asset kuid:-1:101475 for it.

I’ve been able to get the RRMods and JR freeware locos and railcars made for 2009-10 to work in 2006 using this process, as well as assets from other creators.

March 23rd, 2012, 08:04 PM
Content Obtained via FTP from the Trainz DLS:
As a rule, I clone all assets that I FTP from the DLS. I’ve had problems with converted assets not appearing in Surveyor even after using the above conversion process as long as the asset retains its original KUID number. This post demonstrates the problem.

Beware of Certain 2009-2012 Assets if Backdating to 2006

Here is my problem. Yesterday, I download 3 4baycflow covered hoppers directly from the DLS via FTP that are 2009 assets. I have a registered but uninstalled version of 2010. I had planned to try and backdate these assets for use in 2006. These are old majekear Corn Products hoppers (kuid2:56063:185328:1 & 185445:1 & 185446:1). I installed them in the 2006 CMP and they showed 2 missing dependencies; an unknown product and the 70 Ton Roller Bearing Truck (Kuid2:76096:50003:3) shown as being on the DLS. I deleted the unknown product kuid and that was no problem. I already had the 2:76096:50003:2 version of the 70 Ton Roller Bearing Truck. I edited the config file to use the :2 version, changed the trainz-build to 2.5, committed, created a new hopper CDP, deleted the old ones, reinstalled from the new CDP, and committed. No errors/missing dependencies were showing for the new 2006 versions. However, only 1 of the 3 was appearing in Surveyor.

I went back to the CMP and checked the dependency listing for each. This list was showing the 70 Ton Roller Bearing Truck (the :3 version) as being on the DLS and the :2 version was not showing at all. I went back to Surveyor and now none of the 3 hoppers appeared in Surveyor (i.e., their names were listed but no picture appeared).

I went back to CMP and pulled up the :2 version of the Truck and viewed the dependent assets listing. There were 35 cars listed as dependent on this asset. All 35 of those cars also showed that there was a :3 version of the truck on the DLS and none of those 35 cars would appear in Surveyor either.

I downloaded the :3 version truck from the DLS and tried to backdate it but for some reason the cars would still not appear in Surveyor. So, to fix this I had to clone the :2 Truck version and go into each config file of the 35 cars and replace the bogeys with the cloned version. Now they work in Surveyor.

To fix the three 4baycflow cars that started the problem I also had to change the trainz-build to 2.5, the bogey kuids to my cloned 70 Ton Roller Bearing Truck, and delete the unknown missing asset. Then I saved, committed, created a new CDP of the changed hoppers, deleted the hoppers in the CMP, reinstalled from the new CDP, and committed. Next I had to clone these new hoppers to a new asset kuid number, delete the hoppers with the original asset kuid number, save the cloned version to a new CDP, delete the installed cloned versions, reinstall the cloned version from the new CDP, and commit. Now they appear in Surveyor, but the cloning was required to make them appear.

I’m afraid that as more 2009-12 assets go to the DLS that use the same base kuid numbers as their older 2004-06 brothers that this is going to become a bigger problem unless we can keep the 2006 CMP from communicating with the DLS.

March 23rd, 2012, 08:08 PM
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March 23rd, 2012, 08:09 PM

Splines (scenery & track) are a bit more difficult to work with. Splines have to be modified back to the 2006 standard to appear in 2006. Here is an example of one file after being converted to 2006. This is a modern high voltage power line spline from Lunman 3D and you will note some of the text is in Spanish. I do not have a “before” of the config file but you can download it from the Lunman 3D site and then change it to look like my version to get it to work in 2006. Splines:

kuid <kuid:252428:201108116>
kind "track"
category-class "WX"
category-region "ES"
category-era "2000s"
trainz-build 2.4
istrack 0
invisible 0
bendy 1
casts_shadows 0
grounded 0
isroad 1
length 150
endlength 180
height -4
repeats 1
rgb 0,0,0
shadows 0
upright 1
visible-on-minimap 1
width 2
carrate 0
thumbnails {
0 {
width 240
height 180
image "screenshot.jpg"
asset-filename "poste"
username "Powerline High Voltage 150m - TS2006"
username-es "AVE Poste Alta tension 150m - TS2009-10"
author "lu_nabuny - Juan Madrid - marweb - Manuel Martinez "
contact-email "[email protected] "
organisation "lunman 3D "
contact-website "www.lunman3d.es"
license "Este material es freeware.
Puedes distribuirlo completamente gratis citando el nombre del autor.
No se permite el uso mercantil o comercial.
Queda prohibida la modificación de cualquier archivo incluido para su redistribución sin permiso expreso del autor.
Este material se distribuye 'tal como es'.
No existe ningún tipo de garantía ni responsabilidad por parte del autor.
This material is freeware
You can distribute it for free quoting the name of the author.
No commercial use is permitted.
It is prohibited to modify any file included for redistribution without the author permission.
This material is distributed 'as is'.
There is no warranty or responsibility by the author."
kuid-table {