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March 10th, 2012, 09:34 AM
I spent 4+hrs yesterday loading a second TS2010 and the patches with the beta v of MP.Would I be better of biteing the bullet and buy 2012 to run with in MP?? ...Also I have a very large map that I have been working on over the years that I play in. The yards can handel up to 200 cars if not more:D there is three main yards and then the sub yards, the main line is about 100miles to the farthest point on the map. I call it Bloomfield Pass after a railbuff that I desinged it for.The layout was desinged for a HO layout converted into a trainz map. I would realy like to share this with the rest of you..

1.How would I go about makeing sure that only the items used on the map are on the DLS?

2.What do I need to upload for a MP game?

3.Do people rin in 2010MP at all? If so what maps do they use??

Thanks for any help in this matter...


March 10th, 2012, 09:57 AM
Assuming MP works the same in 2010 as in 12:

A route is has nothing to do with something being MP or not; A session decided if it is multiplayer or not, since you need to add the multiplayer rule to a session.

You need to upload the session to the DLS the same way as everything you upload. No special treatment.

I dont know a trick to check if everything is on the DLS or not, but since I only use build-in stuff I dont have to bother with that.