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March 9th, 2012, 01:01 AM
Could somebody PLZ PLZ PLZ tell me how top get or join a f****** trainz multiplayer session:'(


March 9th, 2012, 01:01 AM
cus i have NO idea how to:mop:

March 9th, 2012, 04:44 AM
There is not a simple answer anymore sigh! Perhaps you could start by reading my recent posts in these multi player forums then I,ll continue so to speak. The basics are easy. Go to routes, sessions and see if anyone is hosting one or you could start your own. Sounds easy? It would be normally but this is Trainz we are talking about!. There are a couple of built in multi player sessions but hardly anyone plays them. If you want to play a multi player session with other players (and me, lol) You should do a search for UMR SUMMER which will show a list of routes and sessions. All you need to do is download a session (not the route by neilsmith) by Mmonti called Version 2.1 which takes a while as it is a huge route. Better drink 2 cups of tea or coffee while you are waiting. Mmonti tries to keep the session going 24/7 when he can. But better not rush into downloading it. There is an ongoing problem (see my last post in my thread URGENT FLASHFLASH). We use Teamspeak 3 and the addresss is Hopefully there will be someone online you can talk to for the latest information. When everything is working as it should be it is the most popular session on the server (sorry Beattie). 10 players online at the same time is not uncommon. I am biased by the way as I am playing it whenever I get the chance, lol. If i don,t tell you Beattie hosts a friday session of The Montana Rail liink, also on the DLS. (Not sure if I got the name right) I really will be in trouble!. However most of the time he plays Mmonti,s UMR TS12 SUMMER which just goes to show how good it is. But to be fair I should say if you type "multi player" rather than UMR SUMMER into the search box you will get a very long list. Mmonti has a session running now but I don,t know if you can join it as I already said. We also provide technical advice on installing the game.

March 9th, 2012, 07:51 AM
I was just able to join a MP session; the only default installed one on the Debrechen route. Maybe not all problems are solved, but at least something seems to be work.

As to answer the OP's question:

Could somebody PLZ PLZ PLZ tell me how top get or join a f****** trainz multiplayer session:'(There is no such thing as "a f****** trainz multiplayer session". There are however multiplayer sessions.
Since I get the same or similar questions a lot on ichat, this is my pre-writen answer:

In a clean and standard TS12 install, there is 1 MP session. You can find that session under the Debrechen route. To play and with that create an active multiplayer game, you simply start that session. If you notice a session with a green dot in front of it, then you have spotted an already active multiplayer session. If you like to join that session simply do the same as with any normal session.

If you get errors trying to join or create a MP game, besure that your have your game registered, downloaded all updates, and eat enough fruit. If you dont like the default installed MP session, either create your own or download others from the DLS. Note that it is a SESSION that makes something MP, not the route, so look for sessions with MP or Multiplayer in it (and ofcourse also download the route and every dependency of both). To create your own MP session, add the "Multiplayer Rule" to your session and upload it to DLS. Please dont upload every crappy session (and route); if it aint good, people dont want to play it and it will still be a solo game.