View Full Version : My Tutorial Site - Important Information: Change of Address

February 24th, 2012, 11:52 AM
Hello fellow Trainzers,

This is very important information for users of my tutorial website. (This will also appear in my blog)

The address to access the site has now changed. To access the site, please use the following link:


This is on my new domain - the site will still operate as normal. Be aware that if you are using any of my old addresses, it will take longer to load the site. For optimum load times, use the new address.

Be aware that whilst the old links will still work for a while, this may change at short notice, and I advise users that use links to my website to update their bookmarks accordingly.

Links can still be posted from the new site, and I recommend doing this instead of using the old links.

Any questions should be posted here.