View Full Version : Realistic Railjoiner Sound Effects

February 23rd, 2012, 05:31 PM
Are there any trackside assets (frogs rail joiner bars) that makes realistic railjoint sounds ?

And how would one incorporate a railjoint sound into a frog or railjoiner ?

Is there a jointed railroad track, that has actual railjoiner sounds ?



I was running a route and the global railjoint sound was terribly loud ... and a train was not within many miles of my location.

I used to like the bridge sound effects that some bridges had ... but it seems that I have either lost the sound, or forgotten what track it was on.

I haven't heard the rail crossing-junction sound lately either.

In short ... Trainz built-in tracksounds are rather lame sounding ... where as a trackside railjoint sound asset, or trackside bridge sound asset, would be better, than global junction sounds, and global tracksounds.

RTS Tracks come close to railjoint sounds ... but no cigar

February 23rd, 2012, 09:53 PM
I just can't believe that in all the years of Trainz, that the default tracksound is still the same.

And the only choice is to add the line: -disablerailjointsound to get rid of the clunky global Trainz tracksound.

Only a choice few, like RTS and BNSF50 have made a track with a tracksound.

Seeing that we still don't have a really good animated turnout points in Trainz ... You would think that a realistic railjointsound in Trainz would be the the utmost priority ?