View Full Version : Good With The Bad

February 19th, 2012, 12:51 AM
The good news is that I found a way to use BNSF50's crossings with the ATLS system and not need the the NRC crossings. The bad news is because most of my routes have already been built I'm forced to delete them and start all over again because they'll be jacked up when I'm through updating them as it was revealed when I tried to do that on one my routes.

February 19th, 2012, 11:38 AM
Jacked up? How? It's possible to update anything - I've dumped ATLS crossings onto some of my stuff I've been packing around since 06 and it works/looks great. I get rid of the prefab crossing all together and just use the lights/gates :Y:

February 19th, 2012, 04:24 PM
If I show you my route and how I set it up, then you'll see why.