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February 13th, 2012, 05:32 AM
Hi all,

I bought Trainz12 a week ago. Had a bit of a play and then decided I wanted to focus on local routes.

Today I downloaded ntesdorf's "Carlsruhe to Daylesford" as it is (well, was) the closest line I could find to where I live. Between the 5KBps download rate and the DLS hanging on larger files, that took half the day. Then off to find all the missing dependencies and there's part of the afternoon gone. Then off to download the latest versions of the files I just downloaded. That's a couple more hours down. Then trawl the internet for the unknown location files - a couple more hours.

Now I'm left with a handful of files outstanding - sirgibby's nature series 1 and 2, which are payware and, in his own words, suitable for pre Trainz 2009, and 6 'faulty' files.

anton-eep <kuid:343316:6722>
sirgibby Sg_tree_106b <kuid:47439:21021>
sirgibby sg_grass202 <kuid:47439:21024>
sirgibby sg_grass203 <kuid:47439:21025>
sirgibby sg_tree23 <kuid:47439:21048>
sirgibby sg_tree101b <kuid:47439:21049>
sirgibby sg_tree25 <kuid:47439:21050>
sirgibby sg_tree111 <kuid:47439:21070>
sirgibby sg_tree101c <kuid:47439:21665>
sirgibby cliff-f2-flat <kuid:47439:37292>
sirgibby cliff-g2-flat <kuid:47439:37362>
sirgibby cliff-g3-flat <kuid:47439:37363>
sirgibby cliff-fl-g10-cut1 <kuid:47439:37405>
sirgibby cliff-fl-g11-cut1 <kuid:47439:37406>
sirgibby cliff-g3-low-flat <kuid:47439:37486>
sirgibby cliff-fl-f11-cut1 <kuid:47439:37493>
sirgibby cliff-fl-f10-cut1 <kuid:47439:37494>
pascaldvs (swing) dependency <kuid:53695:50057>

andi06 AJS Station 1x50s <kuid2:122285:3330:10>
narrowguage Clutter 2 <kuid:44700:27893>
idiotbuoy feedlot-ind <kuid2:50567:10713:2>
tafweb MS Passengers 40m <kuid2:1942:28135:5>
natvander Station A2 250ft <kuid:61119:28101>
pgmetcalf UK Single Track Gated Crossing <kuid:82763:1165>

To cut a long story short, my question is;

Can I replace these assets with ones of a similar type using Content Creator Plus?
I've done it a couple of times with assets of version number 127 when version 1 was the latest version on DLS and that seemed to work. However, I'm confessedly a noob at this and I don't want to break something.

I'd also like to know what happens if I open up the route with missing assets - again, don't want to break anything.... If I can, is it easier/better to replace assets from within Surveyor?

Lastly, can anybody suggest some assets that would be suitable replacements for the above?

Hopefully I can stop playing the download game and start playing Trainz sometime soon....!


February 13th, 2012, 06:01 AM
To answer your first question, I think so. If i remember correctly, I did the same thing and it worked fine. When you open a route with missing assets, your game doesn't show them. the route still works fine, except a building may not be there etc. You can fix assets using CCP and the config. Being 2012, it could be as simple as an out-of-date build number, which is an easy fix.


February 15th, 2012, 02:28 PM
sirgibby's nature series 1 and 2, which are payware and, in his own words, suitable for pre Trainz 2009, and 6 'faulty' files.

This is not true.
There is a NATURE SERIES download that covers the Pre-TS2009 TRAINZ version
Then there is ALSO the N3V release of TS:MURCHISON2 which includes ALL the payware NATURE SERIES items updated for TS2009, TS2010 and TS12.