View Full Version : Update: Loading problems FIXED! And how it was done.

January 12th, 2012, 07:06 PM
Hi all, First of all forgive me for opening more than one thread on the same issue. I'm just an impatient old geezer that jumps befor thinking where to land.:hehe: I also wish to thank RRSignal for pointing me down the right track (no pun intended) on what to do on how to get TC12 loaded onto my computer. I also had to do the same steps to get TC10EE loaded in too. Once again, I thank you all for information and for your patience helping me out. Thank you very much.

Here is how I fixed this issue; When your loading Trainz Simulator (2010EE or TC12) it frozed up at the User Information screen after you type in the serial number, sometimes the program has a problem telling some letters form each other, the "Next button" won't turn on. what you do is open notepad, type the serial number and save it, then "copy" and "paste" where you type in your serial number. Once you do that, you can comtinue your installation.
I hope that this will help any of the "New Trainzers" joining us and to make his or hers Trainz experience great fun and enjoyment!

Have fun and enjoy, and once again, my thanks to you all that help me out THANK YOU!!!! Robert a.k.a steamrodder:wave:

P.S. Here's my input on TC12 & TC10EE WOW! It's way COOL!!!!!:Y:

January 12th, 2012, 07:40 PM
Thanks for posting your results and how you achieved them. It's a new one by me, and may indeed help others.