View Full Version : Missing Dependencies: KUID2, but I have the originals

January 9th, 2012, 11:55 PM
They're updates to assets by lotharhake that are not on the DLS but are required for routes that have been posted to the DLS. I speak, of course, of almost all of his assets from the early days. In particular, I'd like the second revision on Car8 and the second revision on Fluss10mmitBoeschung (a 10-m creek with embankment), namely <kuid2:68787:22160:2> and <kuid2:68787:37010:2>, both of which are required for Moscow - Maloyaroslavets (v4.0).

EDIT: Neglected to check the route description. They have links to non-DLS content. Go ahead, facepalm me. I don't care anymore.