View Full Version : TRS 10 Has a mind of itself

April 21st, 2011, 12:09 AM
Hi all,
Haven't played with my TRAINZ for a while, and I had a few hours to myself so I started up My Trainz was going really well when all of a sudden my puter decides to lock up wouldn't do anything so I did a hard boot and got it going again and started got TRAINZ running again and got an error message saying that Trainz had encountered an error an had to shutdown so I went thur the motion and rebooted my puter aand had the same error upon looking closer I found out that it wanted to run in Drect X, well I have never ran Trainz in Directx so I finally got CMP to open so that I could change it back to Open GL and all was well. This had never happen before oh and I did try a full data base repair before I came arossed the change really odd.....