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February 14th, 2011, 10:00 PM
Been a while since a status update.
As most of you know, we've had to step back a few steps due to content issues in 2009-2010, and are replacing the content with new 2010 content that is on the DLS.
Since Tehachapi II will be multiplayer compliant, all content will have to be on DLS as well as the route itself.
I'm primarily replacing trees, telephone poles, some bridges, a few structures, and some textures with newer 2010 native mode compliant items.

Above is the shot from the creek to the Loop.
As the shots show, I'm replacing older content and non DLS content with 2010 content that is on the DLS.
After over 5 years of development, it is almost ready. Things worked out for the best, as the draw distance of 2010 really helps provide the feel for the route.

The entire SoCal project route from San Bernadino, to Barstow, and then East to Needles and West to Bakersfield is still a ways off, with over 280 miles of route.
All of the trackage is in, and takes over 8 hours to go end to end at track speed. Uncompressed, the route is 12GB on my machine!
So, We'll release the monster in 3 sections:
1. Mojave To Bakersfield (Tehachapi II), scenery 7/8 complete - replacing content almost complete.
2. San Bernadino/Colton to Barstow and Mojave, scenery 2/3 done.
3. Barstow to Needles, basic scenery only.

Someday SoCal will be released as a whole. May take 3 days to download though!

All created on DEM data maps, with aerials, videos, track charts, etc. to provide for an extremely accurate representation.
The first installment of the SoCal Project started with TRS2004 will be Tehachapi II - the rework of the original TPR Tehachapi.
Tehachapi II will be multiplayer compatible so will be on DLS.

There have been a few requesting to create a 4th section - Needles through Kingman, AZ. Gee.. can this project get too big???? LOL

The following shots are in surveyor mode.
LOVE that 2010 draw distance!
Still filling in with scenery that in earlier versions of TRAINZ wasn't visible!
Here is the view from Cliff to Caliente:

Here is the famous loop itself, with Woodford off in the distance.
Expect Tehachapi II this spring.

February 14th, 2011, 11:02 PM
i was wondering why my download wouldn't work

I meant how it did not work in the game

February 14th, 2011, 11:08 PM
is was wondering why my download wouldn't work
Hello there!
Download of what? The original Tehachapi?? it is on the TPR website, not DLS. Tehachapi II will be on DLS for multiplayer compatibility.

February 14th, 2011, 11:37 PM
Looks awesome!

February 15th, 2011, 12:10 AM
i was wondering why my download wouldn't work

I meant how it did not work in the game

Possibly because at that time, some of the content wasn't working on some computers, not sure why. All of the content was either on DLS or TPR, and folks had to get it all.
I also see that you only have 2010. I KNOW a lot of the content from the TRS2004 version of Tehachapi WILL NOT work in 2010, thereby ruining the route :(
I guess we've all learned since then, and have tried to not let those issues occur again. For most the route worked, but I'm sorry you had trouble with it.
With the new multiplayer coming out, ALL content must be on DLS, so folks won't have the trouble you experienced with the first version. You download the route from the DLS, and you get everything!
This is another reason TPR decided to re-work Tehachapi a few years ago, to make it RIGHT with DEM maps and content that wasn't as difficult to work with and is on the DLS.
Tehachapi has been 99% done for about 3 years now, but as TRAINZ develops, it causes us to re-think the release and content.
It was working great in TRS2004 and was almost ready for release in 09, but when TRS2009 came out with NATIVE mode, it broke much of the content. AGAIN with 2010.
So, that is what is happening now. Replacing with new 2010 content that is on the DLS to hopefully prevent that from happening and allowing as many people as possible to enjoy the route. (I"m on the 3rd rebuild of this thing!)
To be honest, the route will most likely be released after the final multiplayer version of TRAINZ is out, so as to not have to keep rebuilding to be compatible with the latest TRAINZ software.
Our entire SoCal project has been a dream for many of us since 2002 when the first TRAINZ came out.
The VERY FIRST route I started building in 2002 was part of the original release of Tehachapi and my home town of Fort Worth(still not released publicly).
Thanks to Peter, Craig, Marc, Fred, Kevin, John, Mike, Hal, Lars, Stuart, etc, the project has been able to make use of the latest TRAINZ technology and continues to grow.
With 2010, it seems like a new plateau has arrived, and will finally be able to represent the Southern California railroading world in an accurate manner - just needing the right content to make it happen. It may be a good while until all 289 miles are released, but it is slowly taking shape. Of course we are working on other things also, so things take time.
So, hopefully with the upcoming release, you will be able to enjoy the Mojave Sub!

February 15th, 2011, 02:29 AM
OK, I was asked if SoCal "really and truly" existed in TRAINZ.
So, I took some (not too good screenshots) which show CONTENT PROBLEMS, and why it is being re-done to 2010 standards.
These shots aren't the greatest, won't win any awards, and show a "naked" route in progress, but hopefully gives you all hope of what is to come!

San Bernadino Yard A - Intermodal facility - with broken textures and tree issues :(
The SP/UP Colton yard looks about the same as this, just a bit bigger a few miles to the Southwest of here.

Further North is "The Narrows" and Victorville with major tree issues and texture problems:
Cajon pass, Summit, Sullivans curve, etc. are to the South of this point, while Oro Grande and the Frost Crossover are a bit North of here.

We reach Barstow. Not completely textured yet and with broken content, but coming along:

It is just a small yard :p so here is the East end toward the hill:

For a better idea, here is the map view:

Finally, many miles East at the East end is Needles. Needs scenery, but track is all in to this point!

So as you can see, it will be a while before the San Bernadino to Barstow, and Barstow to Needles sections will be ready, but YES, it does exist, and is in progress...

You can only IMAGINE my frustration when I loaded this thing in 2010 and saw what I saw with the content!!!! :'(

Ok, back to working on Tehachapi II section for release this spring. ;)

February 18th, 2011, 01:18 PM
Looks great thus far N5VAV! Keep up the great work and I'm sure you'll have no problem getting those "bugs" squashed!


February 18th, 2011, 05:48 PM
Great work, indeed!!! :p :p :p


February 18th, 2011, 09:37 PM
Maybe you could break up the route into sections, like PRR Eastern Region in MSTS, and people could download the parts individully, then merge them in the game. It would be easier, you could release the parts as they come out, andit would keep people (gimme pigs) at bay until you finish it.

March 8th, 2011, 10:01 PM

March 8th, 2011, 10:31 PM
Hay mate its prefered if you do not bump like this in the fourms

March 9th, 2011, 12:43 AM
Well that certainly explains why Tehachepe didn't work in TS2010 on my computer as well, you will be glad to know that the old RS&P works very well However!

I'm looking forward to this one when you get it released.

March 9th, 2011, 08:24 AM
Hay mate its prefered if you do not bump like this in the fourms
Oh. Ok, thank you for telling me!