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January 31st, 2011, 02:52 AM
Play With Fellow Trainz Enthusiasts From All Over The World

We're delighted to announce that the Trainz Multiplayer Open Beta is live and ready to play.

Trainz Multiplayer is the biggest thing to hit Trainz in its 10 year history and we're really looking forward to you being able to interact, play and have more fun with our great community of Trainz players.

Trainz Multiplayer Open Beta Launch Features:

Play with Trainz enthusiasts from all across the world.
All features of single player driver are included like picking up passengers or transport freight, work in a yard and building consists.
2 free play sessions with more features to come throughout the beta.

We Want To Hear From You!
The Open Beta is a chance for you to be part of the development of Trainz Multiplayer. We value your participation, feedback and ideas so please post in the Trainz Multiplayer section on the Planet Auran Forum.

Click Here For Installation Instructions (http://online.ts2009.com/mediaWiki/index.php5/Trainz_Multiplayer)

What is an open beta?
An open beta is the period just before the first official release of a game. Open means that registered* Trainz Simulator 2010 players can login and play and it's absolutely free!

We open up the game to you so you can play, test and give us feedback, suggestions and report any issues. It's invaluable to us as your feedback will help make the game better, as well as giving you a sneak peak as to what's coming up.

At the end of the Open Beta we will launch Trainz Multiplayer proper. Stay tuned to our newsletter and the forums to find out more about the official launch of Trainz Multiplayer.

We'd ask that you bear with us during the Open Beta as there may be bugs and other issues. We're working hard to iron these out before the official launch.

How Much Will It Cost?
The Open Beta is completey free.

Please Note:
* - Access to the Trainz Multiplayer Open Beta requires that the user owns Trainz Simulator: 2010 and registered their CD KEY on Planet Auran before January 10, 2011.

February 10th, 2011, 08:46 PM
A new Trainz Multiplayer patch is now available for download via the auto-patching system. On starting the Trainz Launcher the new patch should be automatically detected and you will be prompted to download and install it. Please note that Trainz multiplayer will not operate between two different builds, if you do not patch you will not be able to play with those running the patched build.

The patch may take up to (and possibly more than) 2 hours to complete, do not shut down your computer while the patch is applying.

If you have trouble installing the auto-patch, a manual version can be downloaded here:
http://download.ts2009.com/patch/45467_to_45607.exe (6,718,391 bytes)

Changes since 45467:
New structured coop multiplayer session for PO&N
Greatly improved download dialog on join
Greatly improved in game download dialog in general (hint: check out the content updates screen)
Player names now displayed in minimap
Player names now displayed in 3D view (optional, via the video settings in game)
Improved multiplayer network communication, particularly for large trains
Fixed trains seeming to run through or push each other (rather than derailing) after high speed collisions
Choosing to download out-of-date local assets in CM should now automatically download the update
Fixed players being granted achievement data for other players activity in multiplayer
Improvements to detection of missing assets when joining multiplayer
Multiplayer chat channel dialog should now remember its size & position from the last game
Fix for the mini-map randomly altering zoom level when clicked
Fixed a crash when attempting to "view in Railyard" from CM
Fix for trains instantly derailing when assignedThank you to everyone who has been testing and reporting bugs during the open beta. I hope you all continue to help us make Trainz multiplayer the best it can be.

Terry Palmer
N3V Games

March 14th, 2011, 09:57 PM
A new Trainz Multiplayer patch is now available for download via the auto-patching system.

This patch should apply relatively quickly, but do not shut down your computer or use Task Manager to end any processes while the patch is applying.

If you have trouble installing the auto-patch a manual version can be downloaded here:
http://download.ts2009.com/patch/45607_to_46170.exe (3,783,557 bytes)

Changes since 45607:
Small improvements to session load times
Fixed a data corruption bug in multiplayer
Fixed the "Invalid state to join multiplayer session" bug after aborting a session join
Fixed in game dialogs being permanently stuck off screen (e.g. the multiplayer chat)
Streamlined the process of adding players to the iTrainz chat ignore list
Added a menu when clicking on a players name in a chat channel. The displayed menu allows quick access to several chat related functions.
Fixed a bug with "Download All" not being disabled when offline in the content updates menu
Fixed bridge shadows
Fixed a bug with the "Retry" option of the in game asset download dialog
Added a fix for really fast cars in Driver
Fixed Routes menu not re-sorting when active multiplayer session counts are received from the server
Some minor fixes for scrollbar rendering
Fixed some bugs with the 'Achievements' system
Changed the default multiplayer session player limit and added the option to hide other players' driver orders.Terry Palmer
N3V Games