View Full Version : Perseverance and following instructions pays off

November 14th, 2010, 01:44 PM
I posted recently about fuzzy telegraph wires hiding trains in TS2010 on Windows 7 64 bit and an Nvidia series 4 card. I am pleased to say that all is now running perfectly after two reinstalls, the second (successful) one, remembering to turn off other programmes and clear the temp file after each download, in this order:

- TS2010 (from original DVD, so build 41491)
- hotfix patch 41491_to_44088
- S&C add on
- S&C update snc_40836_to_41903
- Treez add on
- Treez update trz_40563_to_41866
- reload my saved UsedData file
- run an extended database repair
- highlight any faulty items or missing dependencies showing in content manager and wait for CMP to clear them on its own (which it does if there was no fault in the transferred UserData file).

It even lets me edit and re-save local routes and sessions without forcing the creation of new ones (most of the time anyway).

Just thought this might be useful for anyone else with fuzzy wires or needing a reinstall. My thanks to Paulz Trainz for updating his telephone wires on the DLS too.