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October 11th, 2010, 11:10 AM
Hallo guys Some Changes have ben made on my site The Download Links are changed for the files Here the New Ones
For Are Cars go New Link: TRS Rolling Stock (http://dragonspikerailrouteworks.freeforums.org/trs-rolling-stock-t23.html) And The Locomotives Download Link was moved to: TRS Locomotive Downloads (http://dragonspikerailrouteworks.freeforums.org/trs-locomotive-downloads-t24.html) Sorry About the broked Links I'v ben moveing stuff around and makeing changes.:D

October 13th, 2010, 07:42 AM
Good Morning

More Good News The Dragons Pass V1.0 is comeing along nicey The Route is starting to look batter and batter i'm happy with the idea of uesing real looking track i thank the nam who sugeded that its looking good. I'll Post some screen shots soon The Route will have it own Rolling Stock wich is can olny be downloaded on the S&RRW webside becuse its easer to upload be is free to avery one.
Greenhill was redone and I'v added I dockyard with a loop track. The Wastland line war ripped up and moved. all track is 95% replaced with batter looking teack the olny thing it the tunels look horrabul I need batter ones and throw away the defailts. There soo maney inprovemets to the old one now on DLS the is sucks bad comepared to the New V1.0 wich I'm holpping to have done by newyears. The route has ben getting a overhul on track and the 3 main citys. Green Hill Rockwell & East Sea Town. I'v Stell got a ton of fixing up to do on it.
Thats all for the update.
Sceens will be out in a few.
:D :D