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August 30th, 2010, 08:53 PM
Hey Y'all;

Searched the forum for RDC - got "sorry no matches found".

Apparently not a redundant question then.

Is there a reskinable RDC?
Or in a word that makes sense to me, repaint-able.

Also looking for the 1956 upgraded version where the side fluting wraps around the front to a bit shy of the end door.

Want to do some up for a freelance roadname based on long-departed Athearn HO models of three decades back.

Anyone know of models of the other versions of the Budd RDC?
There is the RDC-1 passenger
Looking for:
RDC-2, passenger, baggage-express.
RDC-3, passenger, baggage-express, RPO.
and the shortened by 10ft 2in,
www.northeast.railfan.net/images/buddRDC4.jpg (http://www.northeast.railfan.net/images/buddRDC4.jpg)
RDC-4, baggage-express, RPO.
www.northeast.railfan.net/images/cn6450a.jpg (http://www.northeast.railfan.net/images/cn6450a.jpg)

Photos of different RDC versions and some other cars can be seen here.
www.northeast.railfan.net/diesel32.html (http://www.northeast.railfan.net/diesel32.html)

Have always been curious how top right corner of this one got dented in ever since a different photo of it in a book.

Found a reskinable bus earlier today.
Thanks to who did that. Will have to go back to look to get name.


August 30th, 2010, 09:02 PM
And how would be the way to give it an optional second headlight like this CP one has www.northeast.railfan.net/images/cp9021.jpg (http://www.northeast.railfan.net/images/cp9021.jpg) ?

August 30th, 2010, 09:33 PM
Look for RDC on the DLS and check all versions prior to TRS2006.

KUID2: 106916:1152:1

KUID: 37096:1060

Are a couple that you can reskin.

August 30th, 2010, 10:01 PM
Okay, will go do so here in a moment.

Had found about a dozen RDC last month, but they are all RDC-1.

Ah, that would be the CCLE and PRSL models which are reskinable..

Starting to look like time to make some clones!

August 31st, 2010, 02:59 AM
Please note my 37096:1060 is itself a (very simple) reskin of Magicland's original so check permissions. There is an RDC mesh in the Content Creation Art Source but is of the shorter RDC4 length so would need altering. There are no RDC2 or RDC3 so you would have to alter the above Auran mesh to make these.