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July 15th, 2010, 08:36 PM

I use both Blender and gmax; each application has some advantages over the other.

Blender is metric. The basic unit is 1 meter. For those who use the Imperial scale and don't want to convert feet into meters by hand, buy a conversion calculator.

As far as using Blender is concerned, there is a Wiki tutorial. Visit the Blender website and use their forum for questions about Blender functions. As has been pointed out in other threads, there are no tutorials that will teach you how to construct a particular type of Trainz model.

To use any graphics or paint program, one has to learn the basics there. Blender has a book called Blender for Dimmies--a very good source.

For Trainz, use the Content Creation Guide. I have a printed copy which I use when designing some Trainz specific items.

When creating Config files, there is no room for errors. The CCG gives sample config files and one can use the New Asset function in Trainz, starting with 2006. (I think)

Last, but not least, use the serach function in the forum--one can find threads that address almost every problem that one can encounter.

Modelling is not easy--especially creating textures that give a model its character--that part takes practice, practice, and more practice.

I've had my say.