View Full Version : Just an Idea for future TRAINZ

June 29th, 2010, 10:19 PM
This is just a idea I had about any future TRAINS releases. When I go to the TRAINZ content manager, in the 2009 program and downlaod an item via another TRAINZ program say 2004 and the item is made for 2004, any missing KUIDS that are missing and needed can not be located via the Content Manager. Yet if you hunt these items by ones self you will be able to find them, most of the time.
In future releases how about having the Content Manager look back through all versions of the DLs and not just the last two versions.
Secondly, how about a clean up program, installed in the new version that will remove all usless info from downloads. I know that many of us have downloaded an item from older TRAINZ programs or have a lot of items on our computers that will show up with errors. I am in the process of building a layout and so far it has over 800 items. When I run the faulty catagory I get over 300 yellow and red !. Even though they will show up in the layout they have errors. I know there are third party programs out there but having to edit everyone is a long and tedious process.
As I said these are just thoughts on how to make the next TRAINZ, and I believe AURAN is already working on a newer and better one. Maybe they will include something like these.:)