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June 14th, 2010, 02:54 PM

I already have the locos from ts2006 that consume fuel but I was wondering if there are any more American locos with fuel consuming abilities.:)

June 14th, 2010, 03:48 PM
the steam trains do but i'm shore there orthers on DLS

June 14th, 2010, 08:39 PM
Know one else has one as it needs a script to do it and the only one that works is "locked" and is payware. A loco can run for longer than the driver can drive.

June 14th, 2010, 09:19 PM
There are alot more on the "World of Trainz" website, but they are all payware. He has GREAT modern wide cab interiors.

June 14th, 2010, 09:49 PM
Know one else has one as it needs a script to do it and the only one that works is "locked" and is payware.

Not true :) There are actually two payware creators (to my knowledge) that have locos with startup and shut down scripts, with fuel consumption. These are PhilC and Eldavo (UK locos).

There is, however, another (freeware) script going around that consumes fuel (no startup or shut down). I have used this on my VR and V/Line T class locos. Although not US locos, they are available, and do make use of this script :)


June 14th, 2010, 10:28 PM
HP trainz put a fuel script on their F40ph, however it does not shut down.


June 15th, 2010, 09:09 AM
Just how much dose a SD40 hold & how much gal. per mile would it get, (ruffly)

June 15th, 2010, 04:08 PM
SD40= 3200-4000 US gal.

MPG= really depends on what its hauling and what kind of grade it's going up/down.

Check this link out http://pages.prodigy.net/rpearson/_wsn/page4.html It may be what you are looking for. The Loco consumes fuel but there is no startup sequence. I use it on some of my locos, but like what was said before, a loco can run longer than a driver can drive. It does take quite a while to consume a whole tank, but you can turn up the comsumption rate so you would have to fill up more often.

June 15th, 2010, 09:37 PM
Thanks shortfuse that was very helpful.