View Full Version : More Questions 2010EE

June 11th, 2010, 01:38 PM
A couple of questions on 2010EE.
1. I read on some forum that you can set the location of your route by entering the latitued and longitude by going into the Edit Enviroment, Location, and add "World Origin" to your map. I am confused about how to do this, as I have tried going into the menus as described. When I click on the Add/Move Origin nothing happens. There are 2 other buttons beside the Add/Move button, but they are greyed out. How do I set these parameters?
2. A question about the Set Junction Rule. When you set up the junction to set there is a locked and an unlocked selection. I can't find any instructions on what these parameters mean and how to set them. I have set up a child rule to set one of my junctions and when my AI train goes through the junction the junction does not reset back to the main line. Then when another AI train comes down the main line it is stopped by this junction and AI will not reset the junction to the main line. Is this where the locked/unlocked parameter comes into play? I can't seem to find any tutorials on rules, as they would be very helpful. I am fairly new to trainz and need all the help I can get. These forums have been very helpfule to me...Thanks...