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May 29th, 2010, 12:13 PM
Before I get into discussing 2010 I want every body to know what is said here is not supposed to be on the negative side. Just want to try and get some answers.

I have 2010 installed with no SP`s attached and have run some of the sessions. So far they all are running ok.

I like 2010 for several reasons that have already been listed in the forum. What is troubling me, however, is the problem when downloading assets that work fine in 2006 etc. but have discrepancies show up in 2010.

My main interest is in Narrow-gauge Railroading which seems to have been ignored to some extent in 2010 plus having few steam type locomotives. All of the Routes and sessions are featuring Diesels. Don’t get me wrong I like Diesels but I also like Steam type locos.

I downloaded one of “Prowler 901” locomotives specifically his K-36 series. All of his loco’s work fine in 2006 but will not load up in 2010 due to discrepancies that I am having trouble fixing, but the tender loads up ok thou. What must I do to fix the discrepancies?

Ok I guess I could just ignore 2010 and stick with 2006 but lets face it new things have to be put into place and I would very much like to build a system in 2010 preferably, as stated above, ”Narrow Gauge” but with limited assets available in 2010 this becomes frustrating to say the least.

This also goes for any other assets that will not load up in 2010.

Is there a simple solution to this problem or do I have to go through a complex procedure!

Thank you all for your patience and help on this subject. Please have a good day.


May 29th, 2010, 01:10 PM
hi Richard

Not all the assets from previous versions will work well in TS2010 without some work.

However, all my items (mainly steam with some NG items) work well in ALL versions, thats the price you pay, to guarantee they will work for 12 months at least. Many of my customers have been with me for 5 years or more, some have upgraded to TS2010, and that sometimes requires an updated model.

If the original creator of some of th freeware locos dont want to upgrade to TS2010, or at least test them, then there are some things (errors warnings etc) that can be corrected by yourself.

Post some of the errors you are seeing, and maybe some Trainzers can help if they have similar experience.