View Full Version : How to Download / How to Search for assets in TRS2006

May 15th, 2010, 04:19 PM
This is How I Download / and How I Search for assets in TRS2006:

Rather than look up "Boxcar" or "40' Boxcar", or "SD-45" which would give you all the different creators assets in that particular search, some cars and locos may be overlooked.

The best way is to write down a list of all the great creators, Like: GFisher, BNSF50, Bdaneal...etc...etc

And type in the CMP-DLH-Search box, example: "BNSF50". And all his creations will be displayed for download.
As Cosmo has alt symbols in his screen name-You would be unable to search for: CosmoA`R~, instead the search would be # and the first 6 numerals: #146523

Click on a desired asset...and now with each other desired asset of his, make sure to hold down on the "Ctrl" key on the keyboard just before selecting an added asset...then you can drag dozens of assets to the Download box in one shot.

With a FCT, or by downloading overnight soon you will have a complete collection of each and every creators assets.
My local file is huge, totaling well over 16Gb of Trainz assets. I think I have each and every railcar and loco known to the US & Canada.

Make sure your Hard Drive is big enough to handle all this content. Or back your assets up to a 1Tb external hard drive.

Time is running short...for September is right around the bend...Git Er' Done"...while you can !

Buy a couple month FCT, and the downloading can be done unlimited downloads per day, 24-7-365.