View Full Version : Driver command errors in trainz 2010

May 14th, 2010, 02:49 PM
Hi. First post- bound to be in the wrong place or something- so apologies for that... I have read posts which claim to fix this - but they dont in my case..

All of a sudden (and i dont think i downloaded anything broken) i noticed the 'Couple to' command was not useable in surveyor. In driver- the trains already using this command still use it but i am unable to apply it to other trains now, and all the commands have gone a bit cuckoo- when i edit session in surveyou i cant tick or untick any of the Driver Commands- it crashes sometimes too. Its not happy- so HEEEELLLLLPPP!!! really dont wanna have to save all my stuff and re-install...

Errors are thus:

function $void@DriverCommandRule::CreateCommandsNow(), line -1
function $DriverCommand@world::AddDriverCommand(Asset), line -1
function $void@DriverCommandRule::CreateCommandsNow(), line 391
function $void@DriverCommandRule::SetProperties(soup), line 103

Advice please...>!!!:'(