View Full Version : Gary Hoorns creations

February 6th, 2010, 10:16 PM
this thread should be dedicated to gary hoorn, along with marlboro for making engines like the ten wheeler and the k4. gary hoorn deserves credit for bringing out these glorious engines. so just put up screenshots of engines and rolling stock made by gary hoorn. engines like these for starters:


note: those are just examples of what I'm talking about, cause these are just pictures from the download station since I don't have the engines, I can't provide my own screenshot examples, so that's it.

what kind of rolling stock you choose to pose with the locos doesn't matter, although one of them looks "germanish" out of the seven photos you see. It's just to show a little support for the guys who made these engines. I'm not begging for screenshots, I'm just starting a new thread.