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December 18th, 2009, 09:24 PM
Has anyone had any problem with "Phantom" carloadings?

I'm using TRS2006, and I've had a string of empty coal hoppers coupled to a string of boxcars loaded with general goods. Somewhere along the line, all the hoppers ended up with "pink and blue" tarps over them. I checked the details and found they were now loaded with general goods and the boxcars ended up empty! In another instance, I had loaded up some hopper with coal, and just prior to delivering them to the power plant, they all became empty. In addition to that, I tried to reload them but they wouldn't reload.

I'm using version 2.6, built 3337.



December 20th, 2009, 03:28 PM
hello Buzz,

I noticed that no one has gotten back to you on this.. I have the same 2006, build 3337, but have never run into a problem like this...

All I know is that some boxcars just do not accept any loads. Then on other hoppers and coal cars (if you downloaded them) you might have to also download the commodities that they get loaded with..

And some rolling stock you have to set up for them to be able to load certain items.(using the question mark in the rolling stock window in Surveyor) And there are industries you have to set up before they will work, using the question mark (under scenery in Surveyor) to get them to load and unload various commodities.

Also, sometimes just forget about the problem, (it might happen with only a few certain cars) download some others, and the problem might seem to disappear.

That's all I can give you on this.. Good luck !! Bob P.