View Full Version : TS2010:EE SP1

December 17th, 2009, 12:32 AM
We have now released SP1 for TS2010:EE this is a small update to address the main issues with the release version of the game such as the ATI graphics card problems.

Unfortunately one of the issues was a problem with the auto patch system so you will have to download the patch and install manually.

You can download SP1 from the following location:

Speedtrees now appear correctly with ATI graphics cards.
Local assets are now organised differently.
Non-builtin local assets can now be recommited.
New "Content Updates" Menu button for updating built-in assets.
Maximum number of speedtree types available at once has been relaxed.
Speedtrees that had been previously locked can now be moved, rotated or deleted.
Minor Changes to the favorites system.
Regions can now be selected when the favorites filter is on.
Auto-Patcher Fixed