View Full Version : Remder the Junker Loco

December 16th, 2009, 04:50 PM
Bad News dude to the changes to DS&RRW Downloads I have to remove some old locos to make room for new works for trs2009. The Junk loco is one of them on the chapping block. intell 2010 all locos will be locked away intell who knows how long. so as of now the Downloads are open. But times running out after the new year all locos lasted will be gone.

1 Dragon's Pass Rail Junked Locomotive
2 USA Express
3 CN Rail F7 w/ B uinte
4 Silver Streak
5 East West Sea Lines set
6 Dragon's Pass Rail & DPR set

get them befor there gone here the link: http://dragonspikerailrouteworks.freeforums.org/locomotives-t13.html
injoy then now that there here.