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October 14th, 2009, 09:27 PM
Did you ever hunt on the Download Station and you found something really neat? So you download the item, start up Trainz and....you can't remember the name of the thing you downloaded!
After going passed 3000 custom items, I thought it was time to come up with a better plan on how to find custom content. Here is what I did.

I first took some of my creators and added a capitol letter to the name of their creations in CMP. As I download items, I added these letters assigning them to a creator that have 10 or more items downloaded. If I had less then 10 then it gets an "X" in front of the item's name. Once all 26 letters are used up I went to using double letters, then triple letters. Some creators don't need a letter like FMA,JVC,JJS,DS and YARN to name a few. Here is my current list. How do you keep track?

October 14th, 2009, 10:21 PM
Stick with CMP and you won't have that problem:p


October 15th, 2009, 12:26 AM
Nice to see I am on your list.

October 15th, 2009, 12:32 AM
Nice to see I am on your list.

I'm using your Pinehill textures as the main textures on my layout. They are excellent! I also have many of your Pullman passenger cars and you steam engines. Good Stuff!

October 15th, 2009, 05:59 AM
...<snippage>... time to come up with a better plan on how to find custom content. ...<more snippage>... How do you keep track?...<still more snippage>...

I try to download everything to my hard drive, where at one point in the directory, I have a folder "content", which contains two folders, "3PP" and DLS. 3PP (for 3rd party provider) contains folders for each of the 3rd party sites from which I have downloaded content. [NB: Routes are not content; routes are routes, and have their own folder, which itself has two folders, 3PP and DLS organized similarly to the above.] Content downloaded from a 3rd party site is downloaded into the appropriate folder in the 3PP site, sometimes with the CDP renamed to something I'll recognize better. Content downloaded from the DLS goes into a folder named for the date in the DLS folder; items I downloaded that do not download as a CDP, I make into a CDP myself, and place in the appropriate folder.


October 15th, 2009, 06:50 PM
i still cant believe i have 400,000 items in my trainz 09 :eek:

October 15th, 2009, 10:53 PM
Why don't you set your TS2009 folder to Share so we can use it for a backup to the DLS? You've got more stuff than Auran has!:p