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June 27th, 2009, 04:56 PM
Hello Folks,

I was thinking about how to improve an industrial area in the Lot's Creek Branch layout, so I added a "parking" Mack trailer truck (from the DLS), which drives a short way down any scenery road on the layout, and backs up into an industry driveway (giving the appearance of unloading) ......

I got to thinking, there must be some sort of road, (or invisible track or whatever), that is dedicated strictly to large trucks? This would be great for background movement in an industrial area. After doing a lot of searching for this, I could not find anything. I did find a road for "drivable" trucks, but not any track or road featuring only big trucks!

I wonder if anyone has seen anything like this? I'm hoping that there is one! Thanks, Bob P.

June 27th, 2009, 05:11 PM
You can place an invisible track anywhere, on a road and/or in a parking lot, and then place your drivable truck on it in Surveyor along with your other consists. Give the driver of the truck an AI schedule to drive with a repeat as the last command. Now when you run the route in Driver your truck will be doing its thing all day :p


June 27th, 2009, 06:03 PM
Automatic traffic is a global setting and will affect any road in your layout once you make the region with the traffic you desire. It is a shame roads don't carry individualized traffic like you want, but them's the breaks!

June 28th, 2009, 12:35 AM

@AnalogOldguy, look for "road track" on the DLS. RoadTrack_Dual from pgibbons, Road Scripted from Auran you should found.
Also search for Author "pegas519", there a bridge and a tunnel should be found.
"wagon road" are also created for drivable vehicles.

Hope that helps.

June 28th, 2009, 01:09 AM
If your whole layout was industrial and you only wanted to see trucks on your roads, you could create yourself a "Region" asset. This controls (amongst other things) which vehicles will be seen as road traffic . It's essentially just a config file that you can keep in a folder within your Custom folder.

Here's an example config that you could use as a template for your own. I believe I've sited it in Philadelphia;

kuid <kuid2:your_ID:your_number:1>
kind "region"
username "USA_industrial"
category-class "YX"
trainz-build 2.4
region "USA_industrial"
type "Region"
category-region-0 "US"
category-era-0 "2000s"
asset-filename "USA_industrial"
watercolor 42,64,45
ontheright 1
defaultjunction <kuid:-1:100634>
longitude 75,10,1
latitude 39,57,1
altitude 0
thumbnails {
0 {
image "$screenshot$.jpg"
width "240"
height "180"
description "A region asset specifying some trucks as the road traffic.

Instructions after installing this asset:

Create a new route in Surveyor, and choose 'USA_industrial' from the drop-down list of possible regions in the 'create new route' setup panel.

For an existing map, edit its config.txt so that the 'region' tag is 'USA_industrial'. To be consistent, you can also make the category-region code 'US'."
car0 <kuid:266204:29021>
car1 <kuid:266204:29022>
car2 <kuid:266204:29019>
car3 <kuid:266204:29020>
car4 <kuid:266204:29001>

kuid-table {
0 <kuid:266204:29021>
1 <kuid:266204:29022>
2 <kuid:266204:29019>
3 <kuid:266204:29020>
4 <kuid:266204:29001>
5 <kuid:-1:100634>

Put your config.txt file in a folder named (in this case) USA_industrial and put that folder in ..\TRS2004\World\custom\regions.

I haven't road tested the above asset, but it is based on another region I've done for Chile (kuid2:68213:70000:1) if you want a working example.

~ Deane

June 28th, 2009, 03:19 PM
So far I have downloaded:

Road Track 2 Lane USA. Did I miss Road track Dual? I'll go look for that..
Tanker Trailer Shell

Big Rig MFM, Front Mack, Rear Mack ...
Three of the "Wagon Roads" (the Red one should be very good for some Western towns).

Some of the Maddy25 Yarn Roads...(thought there would be some truck option in there). i don't think so ...

Cyberstorm's Drivable Vehicle for Super Adapter.
And some other "super-adapter" items. What this does, I don't know, but it sounds promising!

Some of the MFM Vehicles....
And, was it the "Hotrod" drivable Mack?

I did get the drivable Mack hitched up with a Shell tanker trailer, and it drove well on the Road track 2 lane. That combination did work, and I could see this as a solution like Rweber95 said, if I schedule it to go round and round forever. Although you do get the clickity clack rail sounds with the truck.

Haven't worked much with most of this stuff yet. Maybe tonight. And sooner or later I will try Dinorius's config idea. (I will download your Chilean Kuid2 example)!

I am really surprised that very little was done with the "heavy" truck traffic aspect of roads. Trainz is really a darn good program as it is. Little stuff like this, I can live with all right! Thanks to you all , I'll be back .... Bob P. :udrool:

Yes, I did get RoadTrack_Dual, that's the one I had the Mack Truck driving on .....

June 29th, 2009, 03:09 PM
Hi again!

I feel I have gotten some good ideas from you people about potential trucks on roads.

Tried Dinorious's Chile road example (kuid2:68213:70000:1) and saw how a change of region can allow different traffic. Along with that config script he kindly included. Looked up all those 266204 kuids and they are all trucks by coffee4ever, so It looks like it is possible to connect them to roads.

Tried Cyberstorm's Super Adapter demo, which is here on the DLS. Had a nicely modeled Porsche driving on invisible track.. and it looks like you can add regular "scenery" trucks and cars to it. (with a certain ammount work) He includes a good readme inside the Kuid's folder...

Anybody who is interested could try "mack-truck" from the DLS and "tanker_trailer_shell", which is a trailer you can hitch up to it and drive around the track or drivable road. Blow the horn, it has a really nice truck air-horn!

And the item that got me thinking about these trucks in the first place is called "new mack" on the DLS. I think it is in scenery.

Thanks much! Bob P.

June 29th, 2009, 03:19 PM
...I got to thinking, there must be some sort of road, (or invisible track or whatever), that is dedicated strictly to large trucks? ... I'm hoping that there is one! Thanks, Bob P.http://ac-monkeywrench-models.yolasite.com/roads.php

June 29th, 2009, 04:47 PM
Sounds like you had an extra busy weekend Bob.

The trucks I quoted were just examples. You can list up to 16 in total using that car0, car1, car2...car15 list in the config, and insert the kuids you like.

Hint: not all models are suitable as road traffic, since only some have been made facing the 'right' way. You will have to experiment to see which ones. I made some Mack B61 dump trucks recently and I know they face the right way. In fact any vehicle I've made was done with road traffic in mind.

~ Deane