View Full Version : Account Disabled

May 2nd, 2009, 08:27 AM
Hy, I bought TS2009 three days ago.
I used a my old account of years ago to buy it.
After few minutes I receveived the E-Mail confirmation.
I followed the link for register serial number and I have registered it successfully.
I followed the link for download many time, but it always says: Download Link Unavailable.
The same thing happens when I try to download something from Auran Download Station (Download Link Unavailable).
When I try to edit my Account it says: Account Partially Disabled.
Maybe I should buy again TS2009 with a new Account?
But if my old Account was partially disabled why Auran has accept money
from THAT Account?
Is there a way to have that for which I paid? Or, as I have said before, should I buy TS2009 with a new Account?
I tried to contact Auran many times (with tickets) explaining them my problem, but they replied to me once saying to follow the download Link in
the confirmation E-Mail. Nothing else.
There's just nothing I can do to solve this?

Thank you very much.