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April 27th, 2009, 09:42 AM
Hello Phil and others,

I am running into problems with the PSC1a sessions "Container Vituoso" http://www.auran.com/TRS2004/DLS_viewasset.php?AssetID=110629 and "Euro Steel" http://www.auran.com/TRS2004/DLS_viewasset.php?AssetID=107145

The problem with "ContainerVirtuoso" is as follows:

? 0000103C Warn 0:57.0 Trainz : Unable to load texture 'downloads/kuid2 113556 1000017 1/Loco UP GP60 2024_art/Loco UP GP60 2024_art_icon.texture' from 'world/dispatcher'
? 0000103C Warn 0:57.0 Trainz : TrainzTextureResource::Bind> couldnt load 'downloads/kuid2 113556 1000017 1/Loco UP GP60 2024_art/Loco UP GP60 2024_art_icon.texture' from 'world/dispatcher'

and with "EuroSteel" looks like

? 00001314 Warn 0:43.4 Trainz : Unable to load texture 'downloads/kuid2 998877 122169 5/Mak_G2000Railion_art/Mak_G2000Railion_art_icon.texture' from 'world/dispatcher'
? 00001314 Warn 0:43.4 Trainz : TrainzTextureResource::Bind> couldnt load 'downloads/kuid2 998877 122169 5/Mak_G2000Railion_art/Mak_G2000Railion_art_icon.texture' from 'world/dispatcher'

although I have both kuids installed - I even tried to delete the directories they are in and reinstall using Download-helper, but I can't get rid of the problems.

I am wondering whether the directory structures are ok, because it looks like there are names like "mak_g2000rial_art" in the latter case (the word 'railion' does not appear in the directory names although jetlog.txt lists it). Unfortunately I do not know the relationship between the config files and directory names.

Any help is appreciated.



May 2nd, 2009, 05:35 AM
I have been able to solve the problems, no further help required.
One problem was that some objects named like "TTX Well xy" (xy being e.g. 1a, etc.) had some unresolved dependency to kuid2:30671:98906002:1.