View Full Version : Still trying to download !!

April 12th, 2009, 07:21 PM
After many days - weeks - seems like years of not being able to download (see previous posts) I have been trying ftp also without success.
Using Firefox ftp software I have problems - the log shows everything ok until it gets to the end - enters Passive Mode - List and then Quit.
Modem firewall is OFF. I have for a short time taken the chance and turned off Windows firewall and also my Anti-Virus (AVG) to no avail.
I have tried (many times) the ideas expressed over the past few weeks - no good !!
I used another PC a few days ago and the FTP download from the DLS worked fine. I have not reinstalled 2009 - perhaps I should.:'(
I am sure it is not Auran but cannot resolve the problem - any ideas would be most acceptable.