View Full Version : Patch 38599 Released

March 12th, 2009, 01:48 AM
We have released a new Patch today for TS2009:WBE, this will bring your build up to 38599.

For people who have SP1 or higher the game will patch automatically next time you launch it.

For those that have build number 37625 (Original release with no patches) you can download the manual patch here: http://download.ts2009.com/patch/37625_to_38599.exe


Change List

* CCP no longer crashes when opening an asset and using the German localisation.
* Considerable localization fixes.
* Using "Replace Assets" to replace an untouched grid texture with another texture, followed by a baseboard type change, no longer causes strips of grid texture to show around the baseboard borders;
* Fixed an alpha ordering problem in compatibility mode which was evident in rob's "god rays" test model.
* Performance fixes for ground loading.
* Ground textures no longer turn black when rotated to specific angles.
* Control over the autosave timer is improved, and can no longer be set to zero.
* The 'replace assets' tool has had some performance fixes.
* The 'replace assets' tool now properly handles ground textures when operating on large routes.
* An issue where some trains would load derailed on some machines was resolved.
* Prevent the "Repairing database" window from being hidden behind the CM2 main window during CM2 startup.
* The "Trainz Asset Database blocked" message now includes basic localisation.
* CM2 shortcut keys will now work while activity windows have focus.
* Changing Junction direction in surveyor now flags the route as modified.
* TrainzUtil.exe compile command now handles filepaths correctly.
* The CM2 "Edit in Explorer" command no longer fails with "Database Busy".
* A new "View In Main List" command has been added to CM2.
* Assorted minor Driver "Saved Session" reliability fixes.
* Improved the performance and reliability of loading routes which have minor file corruption.
* Fixed the behaviour of the height adjustment tool with some classes of objects.
* CM2's 'Region' search filter now opens properly even when there is little available screen space.
* Fixed a potential hang if CM2 was closed while tasks where in progress.
* Surveyor's 'Texture direction' dial is no longer 90 degrees out when using the 'Get Texture' tool.
* Launcher background/text now updates reliably when changing languages in Vista.
* Fixed a potential crash when starting CM2.
* Fixed some CM2 performance issues.
* Certain types of mesh file corruption now triggers a mesh load failure instead of crashing the game.
* Search filters now have appropriate "true/false" options when using CM2 in non-English locales.
* A scenario where bypassing the Launcher could cause Content Manager to crash if the database was damaged has been fixed.
* Various alpha-sorting issues have been resolved.
* The script documentation for MeshObject.SwapTextureOnMesh() has been updated to denote that it is obsolete. Scripters should use MeshObject.SetFXTetxureReplacementTexture() instead.
* Deleting the local copy of any DLS content now clears the missing dependency icon.
* Surveyor’s "Find Object" tool now selects objects with names that are partial substrings of other object names.
* Using the "Installed" Tab will no longer cause CM2 to hang.
* It is no longer possible to add multiple World Origins in Surveyor.
* Editing the World Origin in Surveyor now works correctly.
* Junctions no longer show two red arrows after placement.
* Fixed an issue where night meshes would switch on correctly but fail to switch off when using corona effects on a stitched mesh asset.
* Surveyor now saves sessions with the correct category-class tag.
* The Italian localisation for the Driver interface now shows correctly.
* Some objects which were not displaying their night meshes are now fixed.
* "Delete Missing Assets" will now perform certain minor repairs to cached data in addition to cleaning out damaged or unknown objects.
* Trainz loading performance has been improved for certain large routes.
* Tears should not longer occur across baseboard boundaries where the ground resolution differs.
* "AI Direction Markers" have been split from "Routing Direction Markers"; Signals ignore the "AI Direction Markers" (TRS2006 behaviour) whereas signals still honour the "Routing Direction Markers" (TC behaviour.)
* 'convert-tex.txt' is no longer considered a valid texture format during asset validation.
* Additional debug support has been added for investigation of texture commit problems.
* 'Find object' tool no longer removes spaces from asset names.
* A crash in the 'Amsterdam Enkhuizen' route caused by junction attachment problems has been fixed.
* Improved the handling of non-stitched alpha blend materials in native mode.
* 'Find object' tool now selects objects with names that are partial substrings of other names.
* An ellipsis was added to the "Replace Assets" menu in Surveyor.