View Full Version : Update 38285 for TS2009

January 30th, 2009, 01:53 AM
We have released a new update for TS2009 which will bring builds up to the current version.

For people who have already upgraded to SP1, this will be an automated process when TS2009 starts. If you choose not to patch at this time, you can start the auto patch process again by going into your options from the launcher and clicking the "Patch Trainz" button.

For those who have not upgraded to SP1 yet you will need to download the following executable and run it:

We also have some additional manual patches available:

Manual Patch for SP1 to current build:
Manual Patch for those that downloaded the auto patch a few hours ago:


* Fixed an issue where the Driver HUD was not displaying in Dutch.

* Improved Trainz performance while downloading and installing content.

* Reduced memory usage in large maps with high scenery density.

* Reduced memory usage in maps with large numbers of splines.

* Improved handling of "out of memory" conditions.

* Fixed an issue where a KUID2 update of a map could prevent sessions from showing.

* Improved the reliability of the threaded stitching system, resulting in less flickering or partially-complete images.

* Fixed an issue where CM2 would crash when starting in Thumbnail view mode.

* Fixed an issue where Trainz would crash due to script bugs in EZMG signals.

* Fixed a script error triggered in Harlem Line Session 1.

* Fixed an issue where CM2's "Type" column would only show icons when it was the first column.

* Fixed the output of 'TrainzUtil.exe compile -d'.

* Updated map file formats, resulting in the Trainz Build version being increased to 3.0. Routes and Sessions saved in this build will not load in older Trainz versions.

* Fixed a bug which caused spline circles to be overlarge.

* Fixed various issues with Surveyor Copy&Paste.

* Fixed a crash when attempting to view the interior of Maglev passenger carriages.

* Fixed a CM2 crash triggered when using trainz helper links on the DLS website.

* Opening CDP files from explorer should now correctly install the CDP and should not open a second CM2 window.

* Fixed various minor interface issues with the patch utility.

* Fixed a case where CM2 would require a database rebuild prior to displaying its user interface.

* Fixed a case where passengers at some stations were invisible.

* Fixed Driver Harry's image.

* Fixed a CM2 issue where DLS assets showed as being 4.00GB.

* Added more detailed error reporting when texture compression fails during the commit process.

* The "Adjust Height" tool now works correctly with all objects.

* Improved word wrap in CM2 task progress windows.

* Selecting a search from the Search Helper popup menu now correctly filters the CM2 main list.

* Improved some cases where CM2 would repeatedly lock the Trainz Asset Database, which previously caused delays when attempting to run Trainz at the same time as CM2.

* Fixed an occasional crash in railyard.

* Fixed a display issue with CM2 thumbnail view.

* When reverting changes, CM2 progress window now displays appropriate text.

* Driver List scroll buttons now show correct textures.

* Improved the behavior of the 'Replace Asset' tool when working with junction levers.

* Fixed an issue where some attachment effects would not be shown.

* Fixed an issue with file formats when performing 'open for edit' on built-in content.

* Fixed some issues which caused CM2 to export unnecessarily large CDP files.

* Fixed TrainzScript linkage of TrainzScriptBase.SearchAssets().

* Various fixes to 'name' attachment effects.

* Prevent a case where certain assets would incorrectly activate a compatibility fallback even when Trainz is set to not use compatibility mode.