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December 31st, 2008, 05:43 AM
i have bought trainz complete collection.

i have installed trainz2006 and want to create layouts mainly...including buildings ect.

so i installed gmax and installed the plugin that converts gmax to export .im files.

but now i see that the config.txt file needs to be there also.

then i read something about content dispatcher which will i suppose write these config files.

i downloaded something that will enable v1.3 of the dispatcher.

but it seems like i need service pack3 before it can be installed.

but i cant see a service pack for 2006??

supprisingly i also a noticed a readme file about content dispatcherv2.0 but there isnt a download for that.

whats a mess.... maybe there is a workflow concerning gmax to trainz2006??

i was acctually hoping to use max2009 and use gmax simply to convert from .3ds to .im.

any ideas would be appreciated..thanks.

December 31st, 2008, 02:36 PM
The easiest way to create your own config.txt file is to either d/load from the DLS a similar item you want to create and after installing it examine its config.txt file to convert it to your own use. Or edit one in a similar object in your game to get at its config.txt. Substitute your KUID number in it and make any other necesarry changes like your asset/mesh name, user name, your object's name etc. and use this as your config.txt.

Also reading up in the TRS06 Content Creator's Guide will get you some examples of it.

For TRS06 you only need its own SP1 (TRS06-SP1) to upgrade it if your bought version was not already at SP1 level, just check its version number to see if it is. The SP3 you refer to is for an earlier version of Trainz and will not work for you as you can not install it.

To convert a .max file to a Gmax file via its 3ds export is a little bit different as you most likely will lose all the attachment points or animations in it but it can be done. But then again, you can replace these in GMax if you know how/what to do.



December 31st, 2008, 06:01 PM
Have a browse through these tutorials.


Also have a look in Trainzdev ( http://www.trainzdev.com/ )at the wikis there is probably a native exporter. The efforts at the moment are going into creating exporters for TRS2009 so you may wish to think about going to TRS2009. If you are creating new content TRS2009 should be fine, there are some issues with some existing content.

Cheerio John

January 2nd, 2009, 12:42 AM
thanks guys....once i figured out that the nameing of files was important and map sizes and formats also ..it now seems to work.

also the backward engineering approach worked well.

is there something that might stop me downloading stuff from dload station...remodelling it in say gmax and using it?? or is there somekind of copywrite thing going on here?

i still have issues although some of that might be down to xp64.

did look at those tutorials..seems like a lot to take in at once but im working on it.

tr2009 sounds interesting ...i dont suppose it would import a native max file:hehe:
before i dload that demo version would it be fully functional to take max data somehow?? without going thro gmax?