View Full Version : My thougths on TS 2009 (part 2)

November 24th, 2008, 11:49 AM

Next on my testing was CMP v2 importing assets.

Let me explain my way to classify my content in TRS 2006. In TRS 2004, when looking for a particular object in Surveyor, you just had to go in the sub-categories of object to get all object of the same type as bridge, wall, trees, etc. This was no more working in 2006 and I've been forced to go in each individual config file to rename the USER NAME line of thousand of object to get my own classification. So I developped my own system and it work great. By adding a Z letter in front of each object, I can find back any rolling stock very quiclky by typing Z boxcars, Z locos, etc. All my favortie content are begining by a Z letter.

As in 2004 we were unable to rename built in content, its possible in 2006. So I included in my own listing method more than 500 built in objects. But last year I found very annoying to start over these 500 objects when I changed my laptop and reinstalled TRS 2006. CMP was not accepting duplicate object with the same KUID and skipped the installation.

Now whats new in 2009. I was more than EXTREMELY pleased to find that CMP v2 now changed things. When a duplicate KUID is found, I'm asked if I want to overwrite the entry. Accepting to overwrite mean that my own favorite renamed content remain the same and I don't have to rename them again. What a great improvement.

A thumb up !!!