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July 14th, 2008, 05:24 AM
It's been nine years since the Trainz development journey began, and things are moving along faster now than they have done for many years. The team is expanding, we are working on a new website, and we continue to make great inroads into improving the Trainz platform.

The latest version of Trainz - Trainz Classics 3 (http://www.trainzclassics.com) - has begun shipping around the world and the team have added some great new features for your enjoyment. Steam fans will be especially happy with the new physics, new particle effects and sounds that now link to the revolutions of the wheels.

Work on the first major Trainz edition in 3 years - Trainz Simulator 2009 (http://www.ts2009.com) - is progressing well and we'll be getting an early version out to content creators in the next few weeks. The new TrainzDev (http://www.trainzdev.com) content creator site has attracted lots of interest and we are excited about some of the new and updated content that will be coming your way later this year.

Our first newsletter in some time has been sent out to our loyal followers and we are keen to bring more community aspects into the newsletter once again. If you have an interesting event, story or article about Trainz that you would like us to publish, please submit them to www.auran.com/helpdesk (http://www.auran.com/helpdesk).

After some recent problems, the Trainz Helpdesk and Trainz Shop are now functioning well, and further improvements are planned as part of the website update. We are also identifying and working through the intermittent Download Station issues. With your ongoing support we look forward to many more years of bringing you the biggest, best and most complete rail simulation in the world.

If you are not receiving the newsletter, please check your Planet Auran Profile (http://www.auran.com/planetauran) or add your email to the newsletter list here (mailto:trainznews@auran.com?Subject=Subscribe)...

Trainz Team