View Full Version : Favorite of the Old Larger NG layots

July 9th, 2008, 02:46 AM
For some reason today I started thinking about the older Large NG layots while playing with 2006.

This for the oldies that have been around for a while, I'm talking about the early days before Interactive items, Items on this list should not have payware items.

Do you remeber "WNGR", this one was Huge and great,there was some one updating this one to interactive, have not heard anything for a long time, He said it might take awhile between his studies.

Do you remeber "The Clonkilty" spose to be a extention for the above but could never work how they joined, a Intresting layot as most of the North section of the mainline and the NG is mostly enclosed by mountains to hide the edge of the board and the other sections of the layot, a Very good idear. Also Found a arcive of Clonkity NG a cut dow version with only the NG section, it was the section I most used anyway, think ionly drove the mainline once or twice to see what it was like.

One more I forgot Silver Creek a 3' narrow gauge witrh logging as well. very nice.

Could also add Black Canyon to the list. there is a new updated version of it.

Any more to the list?