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May 26th, 2008, 02:52 PM
About the West somerset addon for Trainz.

Hello. Been a while since I posted but for the last week of so Ive been Modifying the West somerset Railway addon with a Turntable at Minehead almost like the new one on the real railway (from overhead plans) and a new Diamond turning area at Norten Fitzwarren. Also Relayed 90% of the track as I was not happy with the texture on the out of box product. :D .

Anyway this question is about the Manors that come with the pack. I cant use them unless im on DCC mode and I personaly only ever use the cab mode. The reson i cant use them is that I press Space to get the coal into the fire and the coal is shoveled but only once. No matter what I do I cannot get any more coal on. So My boiler Pressure drops.

The only work around i found is to but the train on AI and then back to normal but this is not so good as I only get 1 shovel again and then its back to its old tricks
I have the Blower On and plenty of coal in the Tender. Just no way to fire the locomotive.

Its the Only loco in my fleet that does this and I have about 20 payware and freeware locos in sheds up and down the line :hehe: and none of them do this.

I know I must stop waffling now -) But if anyone has any idea as to what I am doing wrong , I would be most greatfull.

Thanks In advace. Andrew Simmons UK

May 26th, 2008, 02:56 PM
Oh and PS Im using Trainz 2006 Version 2773. :p