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April 21st, 2008, 04:40 AM
I refer of course to the route Paddington through to Westbury that is in the sectiond section but only part completed.
Part One is from Paddington to Reading, part Two Reading to Westbury.
I do have all DEMs for this route if anybody would like them and the gradient graphs as well.
And I am in a way repeating this post from the 2004 section of the forum because many may not see it in there if you don't use 04. So please forgive a second post on the matter...

I see from my username assets list that over 470 people have tried to download the second WCL section from the DS and due to it getting corrupted at the Auran end, you will of course get a fail to download, 'page not available' or some such nonesense.
Yet I have only had half a dozen or so requests for it on here?????????

A bit odd seeing as how I have offered to send it for free, as always, all my routes are free.
You only need to ask.... all I need is your e-mail address, preferably sent to me as a PM and not emblazoned all over the forum, and all you need is a YouSendIt free account so it won't cost a penny. Job done!