View Full Version : Vistamare Trainzmap - not working with vista

January 9th, 2008, 02:13 PM
Since getting my new desktop running Vista, thanks to memebrs of this site, I have overcome the problems I encountered with the Content Manager, but now I cannot get Trainzmap to work.
I have loaded it and it seems to run OK and scans for maps, but when you attempt to open the maps, the map is just a plain white screen with no detail.

Any ideas anyone?

January 9th, 2008, 03:49 PM
Are you using TRS2006 SP1?
Trainzmap will not work with any other version of Trainz except TRS2006 SP1.

TCS Route Builder

January 9th, 2008, 07:03 PM
Trainz Map will working with UTC, TRS2004 and TRS2006 SP1. So, if using TRS06 please make sure you are running it with SP1. However, no idea if it is vista compatible. Someone else will have to help out there.

January 9th, 2008, 10:23 PM
I got it to run on Vista by DLing the latest version (search for thread "Trainzmap Troubles" for the link). However, I have yet to successfully replace track and have it show up in-game (all I get are the dancing circles but no spline).

Oh, and be sure to run it as an Admin!

January 10th, 2008, 03:17 AM
Guess the irony of it called Vistamare hasn't escaped anyone??.... :o

January 10th, 2008, 07:24 AM
Nah, I just forgot to mention it. ;)