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December 5th, 2007, 08:06 PM
Hi and Welcome Aboard :)

This forum is for all general discussion relating to the software known as Trainz, whether that be the original Community Edition or the latest Trainz Classics. This area can be used for topics of discussion that don't quite fit into the numerous other forums within the Trainz Discussion Forums. We'll also resume posting the newsletter here for your convenience.

Your contribution to this forum is subject to the Trainz Community Code of Conduct and you agree, through your use of these forums, that you will abide by this code.

Please take some time to look at the various topics of discussion available as your subject may be more suitable in a specific area where you will receive a more focused response to your post. All forum descriptions have a sub description to better guide you to the content to be found there. By posting to the most appropriate area you will be assisting us and your fellow community members.

Please keep your contributions within the realm of the topic for every one's enjoyment. As usual, any off topic posts will be relocated to the appropriate forum.

All requests for technical support should be posted in the relevant area in the Maintenance of Way forums. Please note that you must be logged in and have a valid Trainz serial number registered in your Planet Auran profile to access technical support.

We hope you enjoy the ride!