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November 24th, 2007, 11:15 PM
I've uploaded a session for IndustRail 1a that gives the opportunity to drive the SAR 400-class Beyer-Garratt steam locomotive:


The other option for those seeking a less demanding challenge is a UP GP60.

All the items of rolling stock needed by the session will be downloaded from the Download Station when the session is installed, except Download Helper may not capture the bogeys and loco crew skins, kuids 81997:50422, 81997:50432 and 44090:57003 for the Garratt. These may need to be downloaded manually.

Bruce and Barry, fuel your locomotive, then head over to the north yard to collect the loaded log cars. Run the cars north to Elite Logging, next to Tyco Plastics.


Unload the logs at the log dump, then reload the cars with selected logs at the loading table.
Proceed north and attach the empty gondolas in Picton Classification Yard.


Load these gondolas at the Alexander Mine.


Unload the ore at the rotary dumper at Cal-C-Fication, taking care not to damage overhead structures.
Unload two of the log cars at the rotary dumper at XL-Ent Furniture. Leave the other log cars in the upper level sidings.
Sign off at Lys Loco.
Class 1 railroad trains will be running southwards. You must give them priority.
You are authorised to travel at up to 50mph except in yard areas where normal limits apply.
You are authorised to stop when necessary for locomotive purposes.

Maps and a readme are included in the folder containing the session.

The Garratt locomotive:
The Garratt locomotive drives from the centre part, not the front section.
Tackling the 2 and 3% grades with the designated load requires full regulator and cut-off (reverser) to maintain speed.
However, running at full regulator and full cut-off will drain the boiler of steam very quickly.
On level track run with reduced cut-off and keep a weather eye on the boiler pressure and water level. Try to commence grades with maximum boiler pressure.
Add coal (actually Bunker-C) and water to maintain pressure and water level.
Water can be taken at standpipes along the route. Water is added to the rear section, not the front section, of the locomotive when the rear section is stationary between the yellow markers.

The rotary dumpers:
The rotary dumpers at Cal-C-Fication and XL-Ent use a ProtoLARS section of track placed mid-way between the cog wheels.
Place one freight car in the centre of the dumper, uncouple from the car, move back and wait. The car will unload after a short delay (unfortunately there is no rotary animation).
Re-couple to the car and remove the car.
Take care not to hit the cog wheel with the locomotive at EL-Ent and the overhead conveyor at Cal-C. A spacer car may be needed between the locomotive and car being unloaded.

The (_) symbol in the left top corner in Driver:
Click between the brackets.
The resulting screen can be used to alter the time of day, weather conditions and DCC or Cab Mode.

LARS and ProtoLARS:
Three yellow markers between the tracks indicate a LARS interactive industry track section; two a ProtoLARS. Individual cars will load and unload at a LARS industry when the car is stationary between the markers. At ProtoLARS, cars will load or unload in sequence when the train has been stationary with one car between the markers for one minute. A car will load, a delay, the next car will load, delay, ... .
Right clicking on an industry or LARS track will display the products it has been configured to produce and consume.

Detailed instructions on driving a steam locomotive in Cab Mode can be found in the readme.


November 27th, 2007, 12:50 PM
Thank you Phil!!:wave:

November 30th, 2007, 06:38 PM
Phil what AI trains have you installed? None are showing up in my download and in Surveyor none of the portals have been configured.

I'd do it myself except you have something like 22 trackmarks to programme in!



November 30th, 2007, 07:13 PM
Hi Nix --

As in the two earlier sessions for IndustRail 1a that were intended to provide a template for AI trainz operations, I used Central Portal Control to configure the portals.

I should have added this to the text above:

Central Portal Control has been used to configure the portals. CPC can be accessed in Surveyor by clicking on the Edit Session Rules radio button at the top left of the screen, highlighting Central Portal Control in the window that appears, and selecting Edit. Reconfigure as required.

The main advantages of CPC are a) all the portals can be configured from one location without the need to fly round the route to their actual physical location, and b) CPC will emit AI trainz as soon as the session begins. I think this latter is a big benefit - if the AI trainz are at 10 minute headways, with the normal portal configuration there is a 10 minute delay before the first AI train appears. With CPC it comes out immediately.

I've used default Auran rolling stock - ATSF diesels + PRR box and flat cars.

From memory you are using TRS2006? Do you mind confirming that CPC works with '06?


November 30th, 2007, 07:25 PM
I'm an 04 dinosaur Phil, never went near 06 don't plan to. :p

I can certainly see the advantages of using CPC (once I learn to use it!). I've always advocated your using the "improved" portals (rerail?) from the DLS coz they have a separate "start" and "interval" function much as you describe. You may note in my Mike Nine sessions I actually manually place and programme AI trains throughout the layout so there is no delay in encountering them.



December 1st, 2007, 11:42 AM
Hi Phil and Nix
I just ran this session and had plenty of AI trains coming at me.

The only clever ( for clever read stupid :( ) thing I did was to misread the instructions and take the gondolas from Picton instead of Picton Classification then couldn't understand why they wouldn't load.

Bet you put them there on purpose :hehe: :hehe:


December 1st, 2007, 05:31 PM
Poor ol' Roy! You must feel like Phil an' I are ganging up you! :hehe:



December 1st, 2007, 11:44 PM
Phil, may I urge you in very strong terms not to use the set driving conditions rule? Halfway through a very long and difficult session the stupid window opened up (I'd previously closed it) and no matter what I did it wouldn't go away. Also when I start Driver I expect to be presented with the time and conditions you as creator have set. The other problem I had with it is that as soon as the session is loaded in Driver the driving conditions window is open and the session will not start unless I enter something in it. It is such a finnicky control that I can't set it to an exact time it seems to move in rather inaccurate amounts. I see in the start menu you've set the session to start at 15:30 so why not let it start at that time in the normal way?

While I'm rabbiting on about this session I also noticed that when I was right clicking the rotary dumpers to see which product had been configured with which industry I could only get an error message. I was only able to work out which industry was which in Surveyor. Is this some problem with Ben Dorsey's dumper?



December 2nd, 2007, 02:02 AM
Hi Nix --

"Poor ol' Roy! You must feel like Phil an' I are ganging up you!"

Your turn to be ganged up on now ?~!

I know from experience that it can be extremely frustrating to get part way thu a session and then something comes along and buggers it all up - an AI train, splitting a switch, ... . Now it seems I've unwittingly added another hazard - the Set Driver Conditions Rule.

OK - I'll use it in the session I've almost finished, but then I'll cease and desist.

In the meantime, perhaps you could just delete this rule before running the session?

The rotary dumper:


Did you manage not to hit that conveyor gantry? :


I think that if you actually click on the LARS section of track it should give the correct indication of what it is configured to consume. Clicking on the structure itself will give an error message. This is a "feature" of Ben's config.txt file.


December 2nd, 2007, 04:14 PM
Hiya gang
I never had any trouble with the set conditions rule while running the session. to be honest I dont know why you used it , I dont think I would ever use it.
I did notice that clicking on the rotary dumper caused an error but clicking on the Lars track told me which one did what.
That is certainly a difficult loco to handle, I hope there is never a water shortage on that route:hehe:

see ya