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December 7th, 2006, 12:08 AM
I am a novice and am stuck again.... using TRS 2006 now

Say in Surveyor, I put a wagon say " Tdgs Gerstetransport Geschlossean " for loading Barley from a Barley factory. I click on " ? " and then the wagon and set it to load Barley. When I use Ctrl+F2 and go to driver mode and use this wagon it gets loaded.

I save the Route in Surveyor.

BUT when I again start the route in Surveyor I find that wagon is not set to load Barley and again I have to set it !! Does this mean that every time I come out of Surveyor ane get back to Surveyor I have to do the above settings every time ? Then what is the use ? :confused:

May be I am missing some thing...

Please guide me
Tdgs Gerstetransport Geschlossean