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September 10th, 2021, 11:01 PM
First let me say what a PITA this new system is. Why go from CDP to this I don't know, but anyway...
So, my first attempt to upload a package for DLC was a long time coming. Being forced to use SP3 (or SP2) and not staying with a more stable SP1 (imho) was also a PITA what with higher build numbers not being backwards compatible in the SAME version of the game IE TRS19. Importing hundreds of assets from SP1 to SP3 mostly by CDP often resulted in the same problem if you import from Tane to TRS19 - broken assets. As I'm sure I've said before, the internet isn't free and constantly redownloading the SAME asset into the latest version is, well you can guess, and uses up my internet allowance. However over the last couple of months I've worked on it one way or another, although sometimes the asset downloaded into SP3 is still broken.

Well I tried, and got 515 errors!!!! They all say the same thing, 'this item is locally modified.' Er, what? No I most certainly haven't modified all these assets, I mean seriously where would I get the time? However my suspicion is these are assets that I've bundled into CDP from TRS19 SP1, and imported into SP3. So the short question is, is there a fix and don't say redownload as I'm not wasting my time, let alone internet allowance to download yet again, what will amount to a few gbs of date.

I'm hoping there's a simple answer I've overlooked, or a mistake I've made that needs correcting. This is one project I'd like completed, and only the upload is stopping that now. Thanks in advance as always.

September 11th, 2021, 04:00 AM
Have you tried revert to original?

September 11th, 2021, 07:29 AM
Importing hundreds of assets from SP1 to SP3 mostly by CDP often resulted in the same problem if you import from Tane to TRS19 - broken assets. As I'm sure I've said before, the internet isn't free and constantly redownloading the SAME asset into the latest version is, well you can guess, and uses up my internet allowance. However over the last couple of months I've worked on it one way or another, although sometimes the asset downloaded into SP3 is still broken.

Any asset you did not create, must be on the DLS or built-in, and must be redownloaded for the version of Trainz you are developing with. If you have assets you created, then add them to the TCCP project list, those should be the only modified assets, and you have the option of making them payware or freeware. If you are making them freeware, I recommend just upload them to the DLS first, then backup your original and delete it from the content manager. Then redownload the official DLS version so you route will reference it correctly.

This all sounds like extra work, but it makes it work correctly for the buyer of the route by design.

As far as paying for internet, your creation should sell, and the internet should be an expense from your royalties, and you should make money.

September 11th, 2021, 06:23 PM
Make money? Hahaha never going to happen! Tried that and people won't pay $9.95 for a damn good route. I am not adding anything to payware, except 3 sessions I made for it. And no I won't be getting paid for this route either, long story and if I can't upload it without re-downloading those 515 assets then N3V won't get it, period. And yes I've tried revert to original numerous times and doesn't work. I'll wait and see what the original creator has to say, before I decide what to do with it.

September 11th, 2021, 06:48 PM
What I do is that I copy my entire user content folder and paste it with renaming the folder, then I point the TRS19 that'll be use for uploading to the TCCP to the copied folder.
TCCP doesn't like DLS modified even if it was just exported and imported via cdp files. That was one thing I've learned. It also doesn't like it when you used items that are only included in DLC packs and not part of the core version of the game.

With the sessions, the route will be included in the package by default since your sessions are referencing to that route.
The payware section on the window are for content that you wish to be labled for payware on the end user. Anything through the TCCP is automatically payware DLC.


September 11th, 2021, 09:12 PM
Simple solution, get better internet with a higher download allowance.
TCCP requires less hands on intervention from N3V leading to more time for development.
SP3 has the latest full release bug fixes and introduced features which are not compatible with previous releases, hence the higher build number.Yes, you were responsible for the locally modified assets. Packaging assets in a cdp and transferring them equates to a modification as they were not downloaded from the DLS and reverting won't help as they ARE the original asset as far as your database is concerned. The only solution to that IS to download them from DLS.

Cheers, Graeme

September 12th, 2021, 06:03 PM
"Simple solution, get better internet with a higher download allowance." Very funny. That happens to also cost more and isn't free or I'd do it, so I'm repeating myself. Like many around here I'm on a pension so not possible. It seems very odd that TRS19 doesn't recognise what is actually on the DLS, and would therefore not call them 'modified' as whether they come from SP1 via a CDP or direct from the DLS it is the same item, so I'd call that a flaw in TRS19.

Coping the data folder over to SP3 is an idea worth trying, and I keep SP3 on an external HD so easy enough to keep it separate. I do now have permission to upload the route as freeware from the original creator so I may just do it the easy way.

September 12th, 2021, 10:26 PM
Hi Alikiwi
When packing the DLC pack into a 'tzarc' file, the entire package is generated on your computer. This has enabled us to automate a lot of the DLC processing, to the point that instead of a DLC pack waiting months for a staff member to be available to process it to build, it's now automatic up to the point where it needs processing to previewpass and release. In other words, the average locomotive pack could take as little as 4-5 weeks to go from submission to fully released (so long as it passes beta, and depending on how much is in the release queue ahead of it); previously it could take 3-4 months to ensure that it packaged properly/etc before release.

However there are some requirements for this. As the 'tzarc' is essentially the version that will be released, if it passes error checking and so on, all assets on your local installation must be correct. This means that any DLS content or builtin content MUST be in a source format (ie not marked as modified). The other option would be for us to delete the modified version and force you to download it before Trainz packages the tzarc and uploads it; however I am absolutely certain we would have people complaining about their modified assets then being removed...

Personally, I have a second LocalData folder that I install my new DLC content into. My personal recommendation is to follow these steps for it:
1) Install the 'feature assets'
2) Download the DLS dependencies for these
3) Install any non DLS content once step 2 is done

I'm then able to verify if there are any non DLS assets that I need to replace or track down . Once this is done, it can then be submitted to TCCP.

It must be remembered that if you modify an asset from the DLS, Trainz doesn't know what is modified, only that it has been modified. Since all DLC packs include all assets in them, and what you are uploading is effectively the finished package, it requires that the DLS assets be unmodified.


September 15th, 2021, 05:45 PM
Thanks for the reply Zec, although I would never have seen it except I was looking for something else. As happens "New Posts" doesn't always show there's been a reply. I tried Hiawathamr suggestion which is similar to yours, in that I copied the entire data folder over to the external HD where I have SP3, renamed it and pointed SP3 to it. I still have 159 "modified' items which not only did I not modify (presumably due to copying the folder?) but includes some faulty items I redownloaded from the DLS directly into SP3 including all NSWGR point rodding, <kuid2:523:1328:4> Tree RedDeliciousApple 01 , <kuid2:523:19723623:1> Tree RadiataPine 01 . <kuid2:523:19723626:1> Tree RadiataPine 05 shows as faulty (as did # 1 &2). Redownloading still shows as faulty as it did with the others, but view errors shows no faults. A DBR might fix that.

So much to try and constantly fix, is beyond tedious, no offence. If you want to take the new Warwick -Wallangarra 1950s route from the DLS and use it to replace the old one, please do so. I am down to nine faulty assets but even if I fix those, I don't see getting past "modified' throwing a spanner!

Now what I really came here for was to plead ignorance regarding testing the new Healesville route. I claimed the package but can't find it to download....

Edit, oh dear, found it via the Content Store link... lol

September 15th, 2021, 10:19 PM
Hi Alikiwi
If you simply duplicate your LocalData folder, you will simply duplicate the issue.

As I said, you create a new LocalData folder, copy just the route and sessions over, and then install all content from the DLS.

Only once you have installed all DLS content do you try transferring non DLS assets over manually (either by opening for edit, and then importing from the editing folder; or by exporting to cdp and then importing the cdp file).


September 16th, 2021, 12:06 AM
For further clarity "modified" means "not installed via DLS" (or via a DLC package). So simply installing from a .cdp will show Modified as well.

September 16th, 2021, 06:22 PM
Well thanks for the replies but as I've said before I'm not downloading hundreds to a thousand assets a third time from the DLS. It's simply a cost I can't afford in the short term, not to mention I still think it's absurd to say the least, although I understand you've set up the system to reduce your work load. Over time I might do it bit by bit, but certainly not in one month. Also, why on earth is the new Healesville route (and others) 6.3 gb!!! There is no way that route is that large and so I cancelled downloading that as well as that's 1/5th of my entire monthly internet limit. Sadly looks like I can't test any new routes at this rate.

September 16th, 2021, 07:48 PM
A bit of understanding of how Trainz works goes a long way.
Using Healesville as an example, 6.3gb includes all of the assets required to run the route. PBR assets have a larger file size than the original, so stands to reason that the package is much larger.
Check comparison pages for cheap unlimited internet, $60 per month is about average and some are contractless with a free* modem. Some have a 6 month discount as well. I am a pensioner too, but I consider unlimited internet an essential component of my enjoyment of Trainz.

Cheers, Graeme

September 19th, 2021, 06:58 PM
Well Graeme that was interesting as I haven't seen unlimited for less than $85, though I haven't looked lately. I found it for the same price you mentioned, so I've bitten the bullet and gone with that, so I can watch any shows on Netflix and not worry about pushing the monthly limit. Now (once they supply the modem and connect) I can check out the new Healesville route after all, so thanks for the info.