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January 5th, 2021, 06:25 AM
I have made a number of sessions for routes by Roy Joosten (roystrainz). I have not placed any
restrictions on those sessions, they are free to use by anyone. This has not caused any problems
in previous years with Roy's payware routes.

Now Roy tells me that TCCP 2.0 (Beta) requires me to approve the use of such free sessions in his
latest submissions and that this be done by me logging in to TCCP > Apps > Content > 'My Assets'
and giving the required approval. But I don't have any such assets in the TCCP system and anyway
this seems to be a system for managing payware assets which my sessions are not.

I should also say that I have never received any approval requests from TCCP, Roy sent his message
directly via private communication.

What should I do?

January 6th, 2021, 01:05 AM
Hi Hkoster1
As the assets are not on the Download Station, the TCCP system cannot automatically know if the person creating the DLC pack has authority to release those assets with their DLC pack. We have, unfortunately, seen routes submitted in the past with 3rd party content (ie non DLS content that wasn't created by the creator of the DLC pack) that they may not have had permission to use.

To ensure that they have permission, we require non DLS assets that were not created by the author of the DLC pack to be approved. You should be able to approve these, after the DLC pack is submitted to us, by following these steps:

1) Go to https://tccp.auran.com/
2) Sign in. You may need to agree to the TCCP EULA the first time you sign in
3) Click on the 'Content' icon
4) Click on 'My Assets' on the top menu (this will show a number next to it if you have assets awaiting your approval)
5) Click on the 'tickbox' to the right of the assets you wish to approve the use of
6) Read the terms and conditions, then click on the tickbox to accept the terms and conditions
7) Click on Approve All

Alternately, to approve all of the listed assets, skip step 5, and use 'approve user' in step 7.


January 6th, 2021, 05:35 AM
Thanks, that solved my question.