View Full Version : NSW Bushfires Damage Historic Railway

December 24th, 2019, 05:38 AM
The historic Zig-Zag Railway on the western side of the Blue Mountains has been damaged by the Gospers Mountain Fire just North-West of Sydney. The fire is Australia's biggest ever forest fire and has been burning now for several months, and is likely to burn for several more months because it is located in extremely rugged country largely inaccessible to fire crews.

Story at https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-12-24/gospers-mountain-bushfire-damages-zig-zag-railway/11825876

December 24th, 2019, 03:46 PM
I am a member....
Luckily the main shed/workshop didn't get damaged this time, still not repaired from the 2013 fires due to politics, insurance and new council regulations! Top Points may have had some damage, unknown as no-one has been able to check, no entry allowed yet. Clarence Station was saved, but the toilet block and office/accommodation destroyed. That's as much as I know. As of last night road to Clarence and Bell still closed.

December 25th, 2019, 02:10 PM
Sad to hear about this, although glad to hear most of the rolling stock is OK. Everyone seems to be having larger and more frequent fires any more. The Pacific Northwest US seemed to escape it this year...