View Full Version : Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum Acquires Three Vintage and 2 special Passenger Cars

May 21st, 2019, 02:57 PM
On May 6th, the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum received three passenger cars from the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad as trade for the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum's three Rail Diesel Cars (RDC). What makes this special is that among the trade is a car of historic significance, Central of Georgia baggage-coach #726, Man O' War. Man O' War was originally own by the Central of Georgia and later became famous as part of Southern' Steam Program consist. It was normally placed behind the locomotive. Man O' War was later used on the Norfolk Southern steam program. Another car included in the trade was Norfolk and Western coach 540, also used in the Norfolk Southern steam program. And the final car included the trade is coach Randolph Macon College, a former Norfolk and Western sleeper turned into commuter coach. Man O' War and Randolph Macon College will be put into service in the near future, while 540 will take a little while longer.
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